Club Membership

Carrick Castle Boat Club was founded on 10th February 1989.

There are currently 35 members in the club as at 1st January 2022.

The 2022 Membership Fee to the Carrick Castle Boat Club is £15.00 per annum per household plus a one off joining fee of £15.00 to cover new member administration costs. Annual membership and mooring fees must be paid by 3rd December in the year preceding new membership as Crown Estate Scotland’s accounting period for moorings is 1st January to 31st December as is the club’s. New club moorings will be invoiced at currently £40.00 per mooring. Invoices are sent out to members on 3rd November annually for the following year. Only one reminder will be sent out in future so if payment has not been made on time by 3rd December or at the very latest by 31st December annually, the member’s mooring allocation will be withdrawn and the mooring removed.

Crown Estate Scotland green mooring tags have been issued to mooring owners from 2020 and will last for 5 years. Members have to pay their mooring fees annually even though Crown Estate Scotland tags are issued once normally for a period of five years from 1st January 2020, etc.. If a member no longer wishes to have a mooring, Crown Estate Scotland mooring tag must be returned to the club for the club to return to Crown Estate Scotland and the mooring must be removed from the seabed by 31st December prior to commencement of a new financial year.  The club will always try and find a buyer for a member who wishes to sell their mooring advertising it on the For Sale & Wanted page.

Members will be entitled to the reduced mooring fees that the club obtains from Crown Estate Scotland and may join any of the schemes or events of the club. To become a member of the Carrick Castle Boat Club you do not have to own a mooring, however if you want a mooring you must own a boat. Only one member of a family membership is entitled to vote.

The club arranges a number of social events throughout the year; there will be more Boat Musters annually normally in mid-August where all members and friends have had great fun every year since 2004. Check the gallery for pictures of those events. The last Muster was held at 1 pm on Sunday 14th July 2019 at the Carrick Fayre, Carrick Castle. There was not one in 2020 or 2021 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Members in the past have been be able to obtain discounts from various nautical suppliers on production of a valid annual membership card. Due to Covid-19 and the shortage of available marine products, the chandlers have had to discontinue these discounts from 2021 – the Members Discount Scheme has therefore been discontinued and membership cards will not be issued in 2022.

If any members have any boats, moorings or nautical items for sale or are looking for something, members can advertise for free on the For Sale or Wanted page.

If you wish to become a member of the Carrick Castle Boat Club please download the Membership Application Form – Download Membership Application Form and complete it, and making payment by bank transfer to Account No: 60451480 Bank Code: 82-69-26 for £30.00 (£15.00 annual 2021 subscription and £15.00 joining fee) to the address on the form.

Please read the Carrick Castle Boat Club’s Constitution before signing this form as you must abide by this as a member.

If you wish to apply for a mooring position too, please ask the Secretary to contact the Moorings Officer (Ian Stewart) for a suitable mooring position for the size and weight of your boat. Once you have been allocated a mooring position you should send a cheque for the appropriate amount to the club so that a Crown Estate mooring tag can be applied for. Crown Estate Scotland Mooring Fee to club members is currently £40.00 per annum in 2022.

The club can also provide you with a Private Mooring tag free of charge (recommended) – see photo. The slipway gate and slipway are now managed by Carrick Castle Estate Lodge and you use it at your own risk. If your mooring should lose its Crown Estate Scotland mooring tag, the club charges £5.00 to obtain a replacement.

If you have been allocated a mooring, you must download and complete the Vessel Owner’s Agreement with the Carrick Castle Boat Club. This form has been produced by Crown Estate Scotland for clubs. Two copies of the form must be completed and signed and one copy will be returned to you signed by a club’s Office Bearer. It is essential that you sign and date the documents for a valid agreement. Download below:-

Vessel Owners Agreement 2015 (and for all onward years) & Carrick Castle Boat Club Assessment of Risks

The Vessel Owners Agreement is an ongoing one for the life of one’s membership unless Crown Estate Scotland request amendments to the document.

If you decide at any time in the future that you wish to give up your mooring, either by selling it or removing it you will need to complete the Crown Estate Termination/Nomination Form and send it to the club with your Crown Estate Scotland tag (if appropriate).

The Private Mooring tag has double-sided lettering. These have been very successful in keeping visiting boats off private moorings when a mooring is not in use by the owner’s boat. These are provided by the club to member’s moorings free of charge.

If you require a quotation to have a new mooring laid, please contact the club’s mooring contractor, Cunningham Moorings (Neil Cunningham) on  07775 781890 for a quotation. Last year, 2021, the group mooring service charge to members was £120.00 per mooring plus the cost of any replacement tackle required – this may increase for 2022. When we have the latest figure, it will be updated here.

It is worth noting that most insurance companies are prepared to cover larger vessels on their swinging moorings in Carrick Castle over the winter months as well as the main summer season. Insurance companies are listed on the Helpful Links page. If you take your vessel out of the water over the winter months, the following local places accommodate vessels – Holy Loch Marina, Sandbank; Kip Marina, Inverkip; Greenock Marina; Rhu Marina; McGruers Yard, Silvers Marine & DRB Marine in Rosneath; Sandpoint Marina, Dumbarton and Rothesay Dock East, Clydebank. If you require red diesel fuel for your boat this is available locally at Loch Goil Cruisers, Lochgoilhead from their new pontoon.

Download MOD Police BOATWATCH Scheme leaflet here: –

Boatwatch Leaflet – Side 1

Boatwatch Leaflet – Side 2 

The above service is free of charge.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Loch Goil and Loch Long are inclusive parts of the Ministry of Defence Queen’s harbour and are under the authority of the Queen’s Harbour Master, HMNB Clyde. There is a speed limit of 12 miles per hour in effect within the port boundaries and 7 mph by Coulport. See:

All members should be aware of the Marine Coastguard Agency guidelines see: Pleasure Vessels – UK Regulations 

Crown Estate Scotland Mooring Licence No: XX34/343 – next five year review date 1/1/2023.
Original Licence No: XX34/343 dated 10th February 1989 – view  Original Licence 1989

View Crown Estate Scotland Mooring Licence No: XX34/343
Original Licence granted on 10th February 1989. This Licence was updated on 1st January 2007. Since then Crown Estate Scotland have granted the club fifty (50) mooring positions on Loch Goil at Carrick Castle.

View Licence XX34/343 40 To 50  – Letter increasing moorings allocation from 40 to 50 positions.