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Introducing revolutionary lights and shapes tool

Popular RYA International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea now available in print and eBook formats As the second edition of the popular RYA International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (G2) goes to print, the RYA is delighted to announce that the title will now also be available to purchase in eBook format which […]

First aid afloat

Accidents happen when you least expect them that’s why it’s always a good idea to consider first aid So you’re planning your passage getting ready to head out on the water, but does that planning include reading up on basic first aid or going on a course? RYA National First Aid Advisor and Yachtmaster Examiner, […]

Beware the perils of petrol

Ten petrol safety tips. Boat users are being reminded of the dangers associated with petrol and refuelling in particular. This follows three recent serious incidents linked to the use of petrol which resulted in people needing hospital treatment and boats being damaged or destroyed. If spilt or exposed to the air, petrol evaporates quickly producing […]

Look after your lifejacket

RYA Cruising Manager, Stuart Carruthers, considers the importance of lifejacket servicing. I have had some correspondence recently about the lack of availability and cost of replacement items to enable owners to do their own servicing; particularly replacement rearming kits and parts. It is argued that this makes it difficult for lifejacket owners to do their […]

Basic Rope Work

Commonly used knots and how to tie them… Here are just a few knots that you may come across in your boating.  This list is by no means exhaustive but it will give you an idea of some of the more commonly used knots, how to tie them and what they are used for… End […]

Beach Clean Day Results

The annual Beach Clean at Carrick Castle was carried out at 10.30 hrs on Sunday 24th May 2015. Six people helped clean up the beach – Gordon Adam; Liz Evans; Douglas Locke; Bill Miller and Ian & Dorothy Nicholson, all from Carrick Castle. Ian & Dorothy Nicholson, Liz Evans & Douglas Locke in the photo Just […]

Getting to know the UK’s wonderful marine wildlife

Find out more about some of the species you could see when cruising in UK waters If the BBC’s new wildlife series on sharks has given you a whole new insight into the world of these amazing creatures, then you might be interested to know that the UK has over 20 species of resident sharks […]

The perfect anchorage

While it’s difficult to find the completely perfect place to anchor, there are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a good anchorage. Image courtesy of Alan Murray, Ilovesailing winner 2013/14– ‘Liquid gold from the Paps of Jura’. An anchorage should provide:   1.    Shelter from all directions A typical ‘perfect anchorage’ might be […]

Things to think about when anchoring

Types of anchor There are several different types of anchor that might be on the boat together with the chain and warp. Before choosing an anchor consider: The kind of bottom you will typically anchor in. Different anchors are better at holding in some materials than in others. Decide what kind of anchoring you plan […]

Speed and safety

Finding the right balance between speed and safety is something not even the most experienced driver should ever become complacent about. So how can you be confident you’re getting it right?  Rachel Andrews, RYA Chief Instructor, Motor Cruising and Power shares some sound advice on finding the balance. Back to Basics Cast your mind back […]