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Read the pre-consultation draft Plan and take part in the consultation here. The pre-consultation opens today and will be running until 27th May and we encourage you to take part to let us know your views. The consultation form can also be downloaded, completed and returned to us via post. If you need a hard copy of the pre-consultation draft Plan and/or consultation form, get in touch.

The CMPP is running a series of events throughout the Region where you can learn more about marine planning, ask us questions and give us your views on the pre-consultation draft Clyde Marine Plan. See a list of these events below or you can also check out our events page to find an event close to you!

If you’re interested in helping to promote the pre-consultation phase, then contact us for a poster to publicise events in your area. Don’t forget to share your consultation experiences on social media and make sure to tag @clydemarineplan and use #ClydeMarinePlan!

What is the pre-consultation draft Clyde Regional Marine Plan?

As our regular readers will know, the Clyde Marine Planning Partnership (CMPP) has been working to develop a Regional Marine Plan for the Clyde. We have now developed a first draft, the ‘pre-consultation draft’, which all stakeholders, including the public, can comment on.

The pre-consultation draft is organised into two sections: (1) General Policies that provide a framework for the sustainable development and use of the marine and coastal environment; and (2) Sector Policies that relate to the key, current economic activities taking place in the Clyde Marine Region and provide a framework to ensure that the economic, social and environmental benefits are delivered.

This draft document contains policy that has been developed by considering key environmental issues in the Region (as captured in the Clyde Marine Region Assessment) and the views, experiences and knowledge of a range of stakeholders that have been involved in developing the pre-consultation draft so far, through a number of workshops. The Clyde Regional Marine Plan will be further developed in response to feedback and there will be a formal consultation at a later date. If you have any suggestions to add value to how the Clyde Marine Region is managed, then make sure you take part in this consultation!

The Sustainability Appraisal & Strategic Environmental Assessment

One of the requirements of the plan-making process is the need to complete a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). This is an assessment of the policies within the Plan, to measure what impact they would have on the environment. It considers things like – species, habitats, seabed sediments and water quality. As well as considering environmental effects, we have also assessed the potential impacts of the proposed policies on society and the marine economy. We are then able to produce a Sustainability Appraisal which includes consideration of impacts on the environment (SEA), along with impacts on society and the economy. We have prepared an interim Sustainability Appraisal including the SEA (SA-SEA) with the pre-consultation draft Plan; and there is a question in the consultation where you can provide any feedback you have on this document. You can read the SA-SEA here.

The process of developing the CRMP

The Clyde Marine Region Assessment (2017) provides a comprehensive review of environmental, social and economic trends and issues in the Clyde Marine Region. The Assessment highlighted issues that need to and can be addressed through policy. These issues were then discussed during workshops and working group meetings with relevant stakeholders to identify how policy and marine planning can contribute. Public engagement has been part of the Plan development process from the start; events have been held throughout the Region to increase awareness of marine planning and workshops have been held with the public in the process of developing the Clyde Regional Marine Plan. Public engagement will now continue during the pre-consultation to get feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders. Once the pre-consultation ends, the CMPP will address the responses, revise the Plan and start the statutory consultation process – another opportunity to review the Plan and provide feedback. We will keep you updated on the progress of plan development, including when the pre-consultation report is published.

Why is there a need for a Regional Marine Plan in the Clyde?

The Clyde Marine Region has a variety of marine users that engage in different activities in the coastal and marine environment. As these activities may use the same resources and/or space, there is potential for conflict. Balancing economic, environmental and social needs can be challenging. The Clyde Marine Region supports active fisheries, aquaculture and tourism industries (amongst other industries), is home to important wildlife, contains valuable historic environments and iconic seascapes. The Region also has key transportation links, a nationally important Naval Base and key energy infrastructure. This range of potentially competing uses of the coastal and marine environment can lead to conflict and can place pressure on the environment. Marine planning is an approach that can help address this.

What is marine planning?

Marine planning aims to manage the multiple uses of the sea in order to achieve environmental, social and economic objectives. It is an approach that drives the sustainable use of a region’s resources, whilst working with the different users of the marine and coastal environment to reduce conflicts between them and to support the marine environment, the economy and our society. Contributing to climate change mitigation and adaption are also important components of marine planning.

In Scotland, marine planning takes place at both a national level (through the National Marine Plan) and at a regional level (e.g. the Clyde Regional Marine Plan). Regional Marine Plans fit under the framework created by the National Marine Plan and with other legislation – such as those protecting species, habitats, water quality and other aspects of the environment. Marine planning also works with land-use planning authorities (e.g. Councils) to align policies where possible. The Clyde Regional Marine Plan considers regional issues, opportunities and needs, and addresses them in regionally specific policy.
This pre-consultation phase is an excellent opportunity for you to provide feedback, input into the process and guide the future development of the Clyde Regional Marine Plan.

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