Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about the club or the area, please feel free to contact a member of the committee using the details given below.

  • Chairperson
    Jai Cowper-Smith (Served on the committee since 2017 & retiring AGM 2020 when position becomes vacant)
    Carrick Farm,
    Carrick Castle,
    Argyll, PA24 8AF
    01301 703646
    (Motor boats Albertine & Rainbow)
    Chairperson Job Description
  • Secretary (Served on committee since 2003)
    Douglas Locke
    Cruach House
    12 Morrison’s Park
    Carrick Castle
    PA24 8AF
    01301 703098 & 07748 130976
    (Sailing boat Provident)
    Secretary Job Description
  • Treasurer
    Vacant position
    Treasurer Job Description
  • Moorings Officer (Served on committee since 2009)
    Jim Graham
    Perch View
    11 Morrison’s Park
    Carrick Castle
    PA24 8AF
    (Rib Sea Duck III)
    Moorings Officer Job Description
  • Non-local Residences Representative
    Vacant position
  • Committee Member (Served on committee since 2015)
    Ian Nicholson
    Casan Fiadh
    Carrick Castle
  • PA24 8AF
    01301 703591
    (Yacht Marion’s Pearl)