Hands aff the Clyde (Against Fish Farming)

Online Petition Poster Aff The Clyde

We are a group of Ardentinny residents concerned about the plans to site an industrial fish farm next to our village. Dawnfresh are proposing to site 10 x 38m fish pens, a feeding barge and possible shore based facility. At a recent public meeting the vast majority of villagers were against the development. We are seeking to further explore your views and opinions, and ask that you complete this questionnaire.

In other areas where Dawnfresh has sighted their industrial trout farms, e.g. Loch Etive and Loch Ewe, there have been many issues for local residents. These include:

Breaches of government guidelines re sea lice treatment for up to 500 000 fish.

In 7/12 surveys about the seabed under the cages, carried out by SEPA, Dawnfresh were graded ‘unsatisfactory’ or ‘minimally met requirements’.

Larger cages were used than was granted for by planning permission.

Breach of SEPA pesticide legislation.

Dumping and leaving of old sea cages on the loch side.

A number of incidents of escapee fish, including over 5000 into Loch Ewe.

6 repeat planning applications to enlarge the trout farm and bring in more equipment.

3 Planning Contravention notices were issued to Dawnfresh by the local authority.

We are very keen to avoid similar experiences in our beautiful village. We will be calling soon to collect your questionnaire , alternately you could drop it off at 6 Ardenfield or…….. Please be assured that all responses you give will be anonymous in our report. We will post our report on the community website for everyone to see. We are also keen to hear from anyone who wishes to become involved as an active group member.

Hands aff the Clyde,  Ardentinny group.