Local Walks

Please note there are nine walks in and around Carrick Castle other than along the shore-side road.

All distances and timings of walks are from the castle              Carrick Castle from the around the village walk

Six are accessed from the north end of the village, beyond the river Carrick where you will find a small rough road that goes past some new houses. Go through or over the gate by the farmhouse and up onto the track heading up the glen towards the water treatment building. There is one track (Walk 3) that goes straight up the glen with the river on your left and the other three (Walk 1 and Walk 2) go off to the right as you go up this track. Walk 5 and Walk 6 are extensions to Walk 2. Walk 5 goes to the Lochan nam Cnaimh and Walk 6 goes up to the top of Cruach nam Miseag mountain. Walk 9 is the circular walk behind the village of Carrick Castle called the loupe.

Each walk has its own page on the website. Walk 2 can clearly be seen from the visitors’ moorings cutting its way across the hillside towards Cruach mountain to the north-west. Another walk (Walk 4) is accessed from the gate just over the new bridge south of the public toilets and takes you up alongside the river into the forest – this area was felled over 2017/18. For the advanced walker, it is also possible to walk to Ardentinny. The path from Carrick Castle going south for the first part has now been restored (Walk 7). Full details of each of the walks are shown with photographs and directions from the castle.

Walk 8 is currently 2.3 miles from the castle towards Lochgoilhead on the road to Cormonachan Community Woodlands, Carrick Castle by the TV/radio aerials. There is a car park there with information signs. There are two circular walks; a short half hour one (Squirrel Trail) and an hour one (2.5 km). These are graded easy to medium).

Carrick Castle Walk 6 to Cruach nam Miseag mountain (606 metres) is an extension to Walk 5. Allow 6 hours round trip from and back to the castle. Altough Cruach nam Miseag is only 1 1/2 miles in a direct line from the village the round trip walk is 9 miles, so take plenty of water. Cruach nam Miseag summit is reached from the back of the mountain. The 20 additional photographs taken on this walk start from the lochan and go along the walk to the views from the top of Cruach nam Miseag. From the top on a clear day you can see the Paps of Jura, Ben More on the Isle of Mull, Cruachan, the Pap of Glencoe, Ben Nevis, Ben More by Cranlarich, Ben Lomond, The Firth of Clyde and much more!

Walk 6 – Walk 6 to Cruach nam Miseag (606 metres) is an extension to Walk 5 to the lochan. View looking across to Loch Goil on the way up. All the following photographs show the way up to the summit.%