Queen’s Harbour Master Clyde

LNTM No 17/21

BA Chart 3746

1. Mariners are advised that Installation work for subsea cables is scheduled to commence on Monday 16th August 2021 for a period of approximately to 2 months.

2. The cables will be installed in the area in the chartlet below:

3. Gareloch Support Service (GSS) workboats Aileen M, Laura M and NP470 Barge will carry out this installation work. The Aileen M will be used to tow the NP470 Barge.

Please see below vessel images:

Aileen M

Laura M

NP470 Barge

4. The works will also involve diving. Flag A “diving operations” will be displayed at all times when divers are in the water.

5. Whilst the vessels remain within the operational area and associated areas, they will maintain a listening watch on VHF Channels 12,16 and 73

6. All vessels navigating in the vicinity of the cable installation works are to do so with caution and regulate their speed to minimise the effects of wash.

7. Further Information can be obtained from QHM Harbour Control on VHF CH73 or 01436 674321 Ext 3555/4005.

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Thursday 12 Aug 2021

David Lightfoot OBE MSM AFNI
Queen’s Harbour Master Clyde