Queen’s Harbour Master Clyde
LNTM No 09/20
                                                                                                                                                                                            BA Chart 3746

1. Mariners are advised that the first of two phases to construct 4 Aids to Navigation (AtoN) Beacons in Loch Long will commence on the 1st June 2020 lasting for approximately 4 weeks. The AtoN Beacons are being installed to effectively guide vessels to and from the new Glen Mallan Jetty following its construction.

2.Volkerstevin have been contracted to undertake the works which will include piling, marine construction and diving. Vessels will include crane barges, jack-up barge, supply barges, multi-cat work boats and a safety boat. All vessels associated with the works will display appropriate signals as required by the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea. The following vessels will be used to carry out the marine operations:


Marine Vessel Particulars – ConstructionWorks
Type Owner Name Size (m) RegistrationNumber
CraneBarges LandfallBV NP549 60 x22 N/A
Jack-up Barge Combi Float C-726 31 X 20 N/A
SupplyBarges LandfallBV Lastdrager 7 50 x14 N/A
Multicats GSS MarineServices MeganM 24 x8.54 IMO6515473
AileenM 25 x9.9 IMO9570888



Safety Boat/ CrewTransfer




Commercial RibCharter








11 x3.3m






3. Phase 1 of the works will be the installation of 4 piles for each AtoN Beacon to +4.0m above Chart Datum (CD), each pile being marked with a flashing yellow navigational light with the character Fl(2) 6s at +5.0m above CD. Following completion of phase 1 the piles will remain in this temporary condition until phase 2 in September 2020 at which point the top sections of the beacons and the sectored lights will be installed completing the works. A separate LNTM will be issued nearer the time giving details of the beacon commissioning process, and the change over of the Cnap Pt Lt headmark’

4. Please see below co-ordinate table and chart extracts of each AtoN Beacon in the order in which they will be installed:


 AtoN  Latitude  Longitude
 Mallan No 3  56 7.522635N 04 49.223771W
 Mallan No 1  56 6.800018N 04 51.098485W
(Approach headmark) ‘Cnap Point Lt’  56 7.375280N 04 50.193924W
 Mallan No 2  56 7.199451N 04 49.583375W

Extracts from BA Chart 3746 showing the AtoN positions


5. Whilst the vessels are operational in the associated areas, they will maintain a listening watch on VHF Channels 12,16 and 73.

6. Mariners are to navigate with caution when transiting in this area and reduce wash adjacent to the works. MOD Police will monitor activity in the area.

7. Further notice will be given when phase 1 is complete.

8. Further Information can be obtained from QHM Harbour Control on VHF CH73 or 01436 674321 Ext 3555/4005.

9. Next CWM 10/20.

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