Name and Shame

Visitors’ Moorings in Carrick Castle

If a visiting boat uses one of the club’s three blue 15 tonne maximum Visitors’ Moorings and hasn’t paid the £10.00 charge by going the club’s website or to (bottom of page) or put the money in the letter box by the notice board near the castle, as stated on the mooring buoys, after 14 days all boats that haven’t paid will be displayed here. All boats are photographed that use the Visitors’ Moorings.

These mooring buoys cost over £1,500 each to install and money has to be raised annually to service the moorings and pay the Crown Estate’s annual mooring fees too, so the club relies on the honesty of skippers to pay up and makes it easy using a credit/debit card via PayPal on the Internet even providing free WiFi superfast Broadband Internet access at the moorings. We also say the fee can be paid once you are home!

Boats that still have to pay are shown below and when they have paid, their photograph(s) are removed…
2021 – three (3) didn’t pay
2020 – five (5) didn’t pay
2019 – sixteen (16) didn’t pay
2018 – six (6) didn’t pay
2017 – one (1) didn’t pay
2016 – five (5) didn’t pay of which one was for two nights.
2015 – four (4) didn’t pay, two of which paid the first time they came but not on subsequent visits which is disappointing.
2014 – two (2) didn’t pay
2013 – seven (7) didn’t pay
2012 – two (2) didn’t pay
2011 – four (4) didn’t pay
2010 – four (4) didn’t pay
2009 – four (4) didn’t pay
2008 – one (1) didn’t pay

Fourteen (14) days allowed for visitors to pay which is very disappointing when some yacht skippers will use a mooring without wishing to pay the £10 fee? One wonders why? If they can’t afford the fee they should anchor? The club has provided these moorings for the sole benefit of visitors to Carrick Castle!  Thank you to all those that have paid – these fees pay for the Crown Estate’s mooring fees, the annual servicing and upkeep of the three visitors’ moorings…

Remember we provide the visitors’ moorings for you, not for us!

One did respond a year later and paid and their yacht’s photo was removed from our website.

The following vessels used the Carrick Castle Boat Club’s Visitor’s Mooring yet have not paid their £10.00 mooring fee to today’s date? Their photograph will be removed once the mooring fee has been paid…

Yacht Lachika on 05-08-2014

No name Yacht (Green/Cream) on 21-09-2014

Yacht Sulis on 21-09-2013

Yacht Inniu on 16-07-2013

Motor Cruiser 76-32-YP 18-06-2013

Yacht Ocean Star on 01-06-2013

Motor cruiser Freya on 18-04-2013

Yacht Rojo on 15-09-2012

Second time this yacht has not paid mooring fee!

No Name yacht 14-04-2012

No Name yacht 30-10-2011

Yacht Golden Acorn 27-07-2011

Yacht Diana 29-04-2011

Motorboat Maybe – 8th-20th June 2018