A Community First Responder is a member of the public who volunteers to help their community by responding to medical emergencies ehile the ambulance is ob its way.

If you wanted to become a Community First Responder you would be trained in a wide range of emergency skills, and use specialised equipment such as automatic external defibrillators and oxygen therapy. You would then be able to provide an early intervention in situations such as heart or asthma attack before the professional ambulance crew arrives. This improves patient survival and recovery.

To find out more you are welcom to attend an informal meeting at 7:30 pm on 6th March at Littlewood, Carrick Castle. Tel 0130 703733 (Jean Shephard)

Jeremy Game, the local co-ordinator, will be at the meeting to explan the role of first responders and to answer any questions.

If you are unable to attend, but are interested to find out more, please contact Jeremy:-

jemgame1@aol.com | Tel: 01301 703510 | Mobile 07876 794937

Or visit the website:- http://www.scottishambulance.com/YourCommunity/responders.aspx

This year we had a cruise in company from Carrick Castle to Ardentinny and back again after a barbecue on the beach. There was one yacht, one open boat, one rib and one day sailer travelling at between 5 & 6 knots together. Whilst there were only six members who made it to the muster, one other cruiser made it at the end and went away again and three other expected boats didn’t arrive. We suspected it may have been because of a shower of rain that was light in Ardentinny but may have been heavier in Carrick Castle. It was a fun journey in company with four boats travelling broardside in line close together. We had a good time and hope more will join in at the next muster in 2018.

The Carrick Castle Boat Club’s muster was held on Sunday 14th August 2016 at 12 noon at Swine’s Hole, Carrick Castle with a barbecue on the beach.

Eleven people attended with a variety of boats – Yacht, speed boat, rib, sailing day boat, tenders and a kayak. Two photos below.

We had good fine weather, it was warm but no sun and no rain!