Queen’s Harbour Master Clyde
LNTM No 05/19

BA Charts 3746

1) Mariners are advised that Royal Navy Survey Vessel ” Shackleton” will be carrying out surveying operations in the Loch Long and Loch Goil commencing on 28th January 2019. The operations will last until the 29th March 2019

2) During this time they will be carrying out survey operations in the areas indicated in red. Please see below the chart extract and Image of Survey Vessel “Shackleton”:-

3)The survey operations will involve the towing of survey equipment behind the vessel. The total length of the tow is 100 metres.

4) A wide berth is requested at all times as the vessel will be restricted in her ability to manoeuvre. The vessel will be displaying the relevant RAM shapes and lights to indicate this restriction. All vessels navigating in the area are to maintain a safe distance and operate at reduced speed with due regard to the effects of wash.

5) Further notice will be provided on completion of the works.

6) Further information can be obtained from QHM Harbour Control On VHF CH73 or 01436 67321 Ext 3555/4005.

7) Next CWM 06/19

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