Tug Golden Cross

Members may have noticed the tug ‘Golden Cross’ aground at the entrance to Loch Goil at the south side of Swine's Hole, Loch Goil, Carrick Castle.

If you want to know more about the tug and why its there, read on the following links: -


Recent history: -

Live webcam of the head of Loch Goil from Loch Long - http://windycroft.co.uk/camera/

Golden Cross Tug Final Update on 21st November 2013

Golden Cross Tug Update on 25th October 2013

Golden Cross Tug - Exclusion Zone Notice (21st - 25th October 2013)

Golden Cross Tug Update on 18th October 2013

Golden Cross Tug Update on 11th October 2013

The Club's Secretary has e-mailed the following to the Queen's Harbour Master - Clyde on 21st June 2013 to find out when the tug will be salvaged and removed from Swine's Hole, Loch Goil to clear the anchorage for yachts, etc.:-

The Carrick Castle Boat Club is concerned about the tug Golden Cross that has been beached in Swine's Hole, Loch Goil, at Carrick Castle, Argyll as it has now been lying there for some time with an oil protection barrage around it so obviously the vessel still contains heavy oil.  We would like to know when the tug will be salvaged and removed from Swine's Hole as this is an authorised anchorage for yachts, etc. Would you please advise the current situation please? Thank you. Douglas Locke, Secretary, Carrick Castle Boat Club, Cruach House, Carrick Castle, Argyll, PA24 8AF - Telephone: 01301 703098 and Mobile: 07748 130976 - E-mail: secretary@carrick-castle-boat-club.co.uk - www.carrick-castle-boat-club.co.uk - Photos of tug Golden Cross in Loch Goil at  http://www.carrick-castle-boat-club.co.uk/tug-golden-cross.html (The photos can be viewed at the end of this news item).

The following reply has been received on 3rd July 2013 by e-mail via the DQHM: -

From: DES NBCC-QHM (Lightfoot, David Cdr)
To: 'secretary@carrick-castle-boat-club.co.uk'
Cc: DES NBCC-DQHM (White, Ian Lt Cdr); DES NBCC-PSO (Pinder, Dave Lt Cdr)
Subject: Release-Authorised: Tug Golden Cross in Loch Goil

Many thanks for you email; please be assured that I am working on having the wreck of the Golden Cross removed as soon as possible. The legal and commercial hurdles are considerable and this has been compounded by the nature of the ownership arrangements for the vessel. We have been inspecting the vessel on a regular basis and I would wish to put your mind at rest with regard to the pollution issue: Given that the vessel was laid up prior to the latest incident, all main fuel and oil tanks were empty; the residual oil which was contained by the pollution boom came from the bilges under the main engine, this has now washed out and dissipated and the boom will lifted in the next few days. I will let you know when the salvage operation is due to commence

David Lightfoot OBE MSM AFNI
QHM Clyde, Renown Building, HMNB Clyde, Faslane, G84 8HL

The following Update was received on 25th July 2013: -

Dear All,

Please find attached update regarding the Golden Cross for week ending 25 July as well as a copy of the notice of intent to salvage. 

Golden Cross Update 25th July 2013

Notice of Salvage & Disposal

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

David Lightfoot OBE MSM AFNI
QHM Clyde, Renown Building, HMNB Clyde, Faslane, G84 8HL