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The Carrick Castle Boat Club was issued Mooring Licence No: XX34/343 from The Crown Estate on 10th February 1989. The location of moorings is a line west of approximately Lat 56 deg 08.761' N by 004 deg 53.898' W to 56 deg 06.229' N by 004 53.913’ W. Roughly, this line is just north of Ardnahein to the north of Jenny's Bay, in Carrick Castle, Argyll, Scotland.

The maximum number of moorings currently allowed by The Scottish Government and The Crown Estate in our area is fifty (50). We currently have thirty nine (39) licensed moorings including two (2) visitors' moorings (Visitor's Mooring No 1 in approximate position 56 deg 06.688' N 004 deg 54.378' W and Visitor's Mooring No 2 in approximate position 56 deg 06.710 N 004 deg 54.396' W) owned by thirty six (36) members and the club.

The main reason for the initial formation of the Carrick Castle Boat Club was to save its members money in mooring fees. A single mooring now costs £80.00 per annum, whereas club members pay just £40.00 per annum for each mooring to the Crown Estate.

Moorings in Scotland are charged for at standard rates regardless of location.

Single mooring: £80.00 (non-club rate) ~ Groups of 10+ moorings: £40.00 each (club rate)

Members of the Carrick Castle Boat Club pay the rate for groups of 10+

If you have been allocated a mooring, you must download and complete the Vessel Owner's Agreement (2015 Onwards) with the Carrick Castle Boat Club. This form has been produced by the Crown Estate for clubs. Two copies of the form must be completed and signed and one copy will be returned to you signed by a club's Office Bearer. This document will last for the period of your membership subject to no changes being made by The Crown Estate..

If you decide at any time in the future that you wish to give up your mooring, either by selling it or removing it you will need to complete the Crown Estate Termination/Nomination Form and send it to the club with the Crown Estate tag.

Crown Estate Mooring Licence No: XX34/343 - next review date 1/1/2017.
View Crown Estate Mooring Licence No: XX34/343 
Original Licence granted on 10th February 1989. This Licence was updated on 1st January 2007. Since then The Crown Estate have granted the club 50 mooring positions on Loch Goil at Carrick Castle.

The club made a positive step in 2004 to have group mooring inspections carried out for members' moorings at reduced costs. The first group inspection was carried out in August 2004 and about 50% of members took up the offer. The 2005 inspections were in March and April 2005 when 65% of the moorings were professionally group inspected. In March 2006, only 29% of moorings were group inspected. In 2007, with greater liability placed upon mooring owners, 70% of moorings were serviced safeguarding own boats and avoiding endangering others with the consequential risk of litigation. The good news continued with 72% of moorings being serviced in 2008 and in 2009 81% of moorings were serviced in the scheme. In May & June 2010, the servicing of moorings achieved a record 83% being serviced, may this sensible trend continue. 85% of the club's moorings were serviced in May 2011, 75% in April 2012 and 81% in 2013 and similar percentages for 2014, 2015 & 2016. Group mooring inspections save individual members higher charges if otherwise serviced outwith the group mooring scheme.

MOD Police BOATWATCH Scheme 2014 Onwards

Request this Registration Form from the MOD Police by e-mail to


The above service is free of charge.

All private moorings have PRIVATE MOORING tags on them provided by the club to members free of charge as shown in the photograph below. These cost the club £4.42 each. If you lose one please advise the Moorings Officer who will replace it.


Members can obtain discounts from various suppliers on production of their valid annual membership card. The suppliers who offer such discounts can be seen here - Members Discount Scheme.

If any members have any boats, moorings or nautical items for sale or are looking for something, members can advertise on the For Sale or Wanted page.

The positions & status of moorings in the Carrick Castle Boat Club area are shown on the chart & table below: -


Members' Mooring Positions as at May 2014 (North to South) -  These mooring positions are now out of date and will be updated shortly as they are being revised.

Please contact the Moorings Officer for availability of mooring positions for new members -


Mooring Positions

Mooring positions 1 - 50 are located between Jennys Bay and Ardnahein.

Off Castle Bay is a designated anchorage.

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